Greek Style BLTs

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday I promised you my favorite way to use garlic mayonnaise, so here you go! I saw something similar to this in my Taste of Home magazine a few weeks ago, although that recipe just used ranch dressing instead. I also took the liberty of making a few more changes to make it extra delicious.

There really aren't measurements to this "recipe" because it's just more of a method. It's easy to eyeball how much you'll need to feed your particular crowd. How you prepare this recipe depends on what kind of bread you're using. You could use pita pockets or tortillas instead of the flatbread. I used pita pockets the first time I ever made this, and I have to say it was my least favorite way. Not because of flavor by any means, just because it made it really hard to stuff as much in there as I wanted, and the pitas ended up ripping from being stuffed too full. So if you use the pita pockets, I'd suggest you dice up the tomatoes and shred the lettuce.

bacon slices, cooked and drained on paper towels
avocado, sliced
1 package feta
green onions, sliced
1 recipe garlic mayonnaise

It's silly to even type this up, since it's very self-explanatory. But you just assemble it like you would a regular sandwich. Spread a little (okay, a lot) of that garlic mayo on your flatbread, then pile on the rest of the toppings. Fold the flatbread over, and there you have it. There is only one thing I will do differently next time -- I will remember to get some greek olives!


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