Hawaiian Punch

>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We love any excuse to have people over, and of course the holidays are a great one! With all those people coming by constantly this time of year, have you found yourself wondering what to serve to drink? Sparkling cider is yummy, but to buy enough to hydrate all your family and friends would end up costing you a pretty penny. Bottled water is a good option, but that's not exactly festive. Milk prices have gone down a little bit, but that's just boring.

This punch is so simple (as in, I'm almost embarrassed to post it because of how simple it is) and good and cheap. Kids and adults all love it. My youngest daughter just turned 2 last month, and I served this at her party. Every adult there asked me how I made it, and every kid had at least 2 glasses full.

As with other things, it's not really a recipe. It's a method. You could change this up in so many ways. Add sherbet, add pineapple rings, add strawberries, use different flavors of juice. . .

1 2-liter Sprite
1 can Hawaiian's Own frozen juice concentrate

Dump both ingredients into a bowl, mix until concentrate is dissolved, and voila!


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