>> Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Monday again. How did that happen?! Sometimes the week goes by soooOOOooOOOoo slowly, and then other times, like last week, it seemed to just fly by.

Well, yesterday my adorable 4 year old son busted my laptop. He picked it up and tried handing it to me so I could turn it on and put a game on for him, but it slipped from his fingers and fell onto the floor in our room. It landed on carpet and didn't even fall that far at all, but it won't turn on. I've tried everything and looked up the service manual online, but nothing helps. My husband says it's likely the motherboard is shot, which costs more to replace than buying a new computer. So I guess I'm ordering myself a new laptop this week......ugh!

Enough venting, on with the menu.

Monday-- crock pot Mexican pork
Tuesday-- shrimp stir fry
Wednesday-- spaghetti and rolls
Thursday-- BLT's
Friday-- teriyaki chicken and mashed potatoes
Saturday-- tortilla black bean casserole
Sunday-- leftovers


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