Technical Difficulties

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

Greetings, Delicious Dishes Followers --

We are experiencing slight technical difficulties, hence the posting lull over the past few days. This lull is entirely due to the fact that I've somehow misplaced my brain and cannot find it anywhere. Yes, yes, it's that bad. Remember the line from Toy Story -- "Oh, it's gone, bye bye, woo, see ya!" That's me! I lost the battery charger to my new camera, so I'm out of commission until my new charger arrives within the next week. My husband just bought me this fantastic new camera for my birthday/Christmas present. I've had it all of 2 weeks, and I've already misplaced the charger. As he so lovingly put it this morning, I now have an $800 paper weight. ;)

Have no fear -- there will be a plethora of new recipes coming very soon! Thanks for your patience! (And if you see my brain, please expedite it back to me ASAP! K, thanks!)


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