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>> Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey, hey! I know things have been s-l-o-w around here lately. Sorry about that! It's been kinda crazy at our house. I applied for college classes (haven't started yet, but I've had some issues with the college that have taken up some time), homeschooling with my 2nd grader, babysitting a 1 year old a few days a week, we all had this flu/stomach bug that I'm finally getting over today, etc. It's just been lovely!

This week's meal plan comes from my America's Test Kitchen cookbook. I think there are a couple of meals that don't, but pretty much all of them do. Yes, I'm putting in yet another plug for this cookbook. Hey, it's almost Christmas, so you could totally ask your hubby/family/friends to get it for you as your gift! Everything I've tried, I've loved. The ranch dressing I posted a few weeks ago seriously is THE best ever, and I just made another batch over the weekend. It's always in my fridge now. I only rant and rave about this cookbook because it's so rare to find a cookbook where you really and truly like every recipe you try out of it. And this is one of them!

So, on the menu this week, we have:
Shepherd's pie
Lemon and thyme pork with roasted red potatoes
Chicken enchilada soup
Spaghetti and oatmeal dinner rolls
Black bean soup and quesadillas

The rolls I'm especially excited about! We went to Thanksgiving dinner at our neighbor's house, and another family that was there brought these rolls. They were the BEST rolls I have ever had, so I asked her for the recipe. She told me they're made with oatmeal! So I Googled it and found a really yummy recipe. I'll share soon!

Talk to me! How was your Thanksgiving?
Any fun holiday plans?
Any holiday recipes you'd like to see us feature?


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